Thank Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford for starting the afternoon tea craze in the late 18th century and His Lordship, the profligate Earl of Sandwich, being unable to leave the gaming table, for inadvertently allowing us to devise this relaxing way of making refined merriment suitable for bridal and baby showers, Christenings and any occasion where people want to celebrate informally earlier in the day with the delicate traditions of finger sandwiches, sweet dainties, Champagne perhaps and of course, tea.

  • tea1Apple and spicy tuna sandwiches — nori butter
  • tea2Crab, celery and beet sandwiches — walnut-chèvre butter
  • tea3Roast pineapple with passion fruit tapioca and pineapple-Pernod sorbet
  • This sample menu gives you a taste of what we can create for your unique occasion.


  • Egg and bacon ‘Benedict’ sandwich — Hollandaise butter
    Bleu d’Auvergnes, dried pear, walnut — honey butter
    Crab, celery and beet — walnut-chèvre butter
    Pâte de Campagne, roasted pear and pickle – Dijon-butter
    Gingered peas, cucumber, shiso — toasted sesame butter
    Apple and spicy tuna — nori butter


  • Chocolate mousse with coffee shortbread crumble and tarragon ice cream
    Roast pineapple with passion fruit tapioca and pineapple-Pernod sorbet
    Strawberry soup with goat cheese sorbet and white balsamic syrup


  • Champagne Tea Tizzy: Sparkling white wine, Earl grey tea, Cointreau, orange zest