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Barraud Caterers does not do events. We mark occasions. Occasions do not begin with the caterer. They begin with you, the client.

The occasion starts with the menu. We ask our fine food-appreciative clients to dare to dream of celebrating their occasion within their own unique design, starting in the place they feel most comfortable — the menu.

Because of the way we work with our clients there are no instant-event accounts; no add-water-and-stir corporate breakfasts, no traffic light-change luncheons, no order-in dinners for two or two hundred.

Our method of planning ensures that each occasion is unique to the specific client for the particular honour marked, wedding celebrated or fundraiser launched, never to be repeated.

It means that this occasion belongs only to you, the client. The food, service, design, flowers, equipment, music, performers and etiquette issues are fashioned by us but the occasion is truly yours and yours alone. This hand-held stitching produces a genuinely bespoke result that is presented to you on the appointed day. This is what our clients pay for, expect and receive.

It sounds ‘precious’, but it really is true; whether dealing with an individual or a corporation or a not-for-profit, we are always still dealing with people — you. We have an obligation to hold to your trust and to cleave to our honour. This is our mission and our contract with each cherished client.